Bonne journée soleil:Sterling Silver Necklace:Yellow Red Black

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William Berlin's Bonne journée soleil Sterling Silver Necklace is a playful mix of harmonize and discordant colors and shapes that are homage to a beautiful sun. The colors and shapes touch fade and vibrate into a modern art motif that warmth of the sun into any space. The Bonne journée soleil series is the perfect juxtaposition of harmony and oppositional color blended with a surreal landscape of shape and depth. The William Berlin Bonne journée soleil limited edition collection includes: Men and Women’s clothing, Framed Art Work, Household items and accessories.

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Browse My Designer Sterling Silver Necklaces

  • Made from sterling silver
  • Chain and disk stamped with silver 925 marking
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Heart shaped box included
  • Printed with eco-friendly inks

Care instructions

Wipe or polish gently with a soft lint free cloth.

  • Wipe with a lint free cloth